12 January 2006

Ohio BOE Leaves Door Open for Intelligent Design

The Ohio Board of Education voted 9-8 Monday to retain language in the science lesson plan which allows for critical analysis of evolution.

As usual, the problem is the confusion between critical analysis and Christianity:

"Board member Martha W. Wise of Avon introduced a motion to eliminate the controversial plan. She said her concerns with keeping the plan involved the similarities between Ohio's plan and curriculum history and that of Dover, Pa."


"The Ohio and Dover plans used similar language and both boards had discussed the infusion of a "higher power" into the science curricula, Wise said."


"Several members said that both the American and Ohio Academies of Science had sent the board letters objecting to the science curriculum. Seventeen nationally recognized science and academic organizations had done so."

What about all the letters sent by God and angels? Did you notice they didn't say anything about those?

Damn liberal media.

SecularLeft has an in-depth post on the issue.

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