20 January 2006

Helping Science Love America A Little More

I think we can all agree that large-scale organized religion and corporate special interests have made America a better place. Where would we be without them? Would you dare to imagine a world without large-scale organized religion and corporate special interests?

Here's one thing about that world: it would probably have more whales. And if there are more whales then there will be more people that want to save them, and that's bad for America. America didn't become great by saving whales; It became great by making lamps out of them.

And another thing is that we would have to rely on peer review instead of censorship for scientific journals. "Peer review" is a term liberals use to make themselves feel all superior and ivory towerish. "Censorship" isn't bad in and of itself, it's only bad when liberals do it. With conservatives, it's more like a pre-emptive strike against bad science. And that keeps America strong.

And finally, great news from out West, where the lawsuit started up by the Pacific Legal Foundation ("the oldest public legal foundation oriented toward the corporate interest") has finally succeeded in its efforts to get the coho salmon off the endangered species list.


Wes said...

At this very moment, I am reading Chris Mooney's The Republican War On Science. I just finished the chapter on the PLF and the coho salmon.

Urge to kill rising...


Michelle Fry said...

Urge to kill is imminent threat. I think I need to read The Republican War on Science.