20 January 2006

Legal News from Around Ohio

The famous Norwood eminent domain case is moving forward at the Ohio Supreme Court. I have noticed in this and other articles that the lawyer for the developers is one Timothy Burke. I wonder whether this is the same Timothy Burke who chairs the Hamilton County Democratic Party (and is an attorney). Are there two attorneys in Cincinnati with the same name, or are they the same person?

The Norwood case has developers and local government on the same side, but the Court just issued a ruling in a different case which a developer wanted to build more houses than zoning ordinances allowed, so he took the town to court. He lost (actually he won, then lost, then lost again). His lawyer says it's a big setback for "developers' rights."

And finally, residents of the Ohio-West Virginia area discovered their tap water (and blood) had "C8," a chemical used by the local DuPont factory. So DuPont bought bottled water for thousands of residents. And then somebody had this idea to test the bottled water...

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Wes said...

Developers' rights??

We're actually debating whether developers have more rights than private citizens??

Screw Roe. I wanna know what Alito thinks about Santa Clara. We need a constitutional amendment stripping corporate personhood, and we need it NOW.