21 January 2006

Another Brickhead in the Wall

De Magno Opere has a post questioning the way resources are distributed among public vs. charter schools.

Ohio's school funding system has been declared unconstitutional FOUR times. Most public officials would act in the face of such an obvious problem, but this is Ohio. Our state legislature has shown a greater penchant for making excuses than for fixing the problem, in large part due to GOP corruption (the GOP has received substantial money from charter school companies. For more background, read Salon's article on charter school ringmaster David Brennan).

Ohio needs to fix its schools. Stupid people elect stupid leaders. And if you think it's bad now, it could be a lot worse.


Mark said...

Here's a horrid thought:

Paris Hilton vs. Bob Taft for gov.

I shouldn't give them any ideas.

Wes said...

This was the Ohio GOP's modus operandi. Every time the funding formula was declared unconsitutional, they'd get one of the Supreme Court justices defeated in the next election. Finally, they had enough judges to say it was OK.