23 January 2006

Cable Costs Less in Lebanon

One thing politicians (these days, Republicans) do that makes me chuckle is talk about competition and markets. That is like Michael Jackson talking about raising children. What they say is very different from what they do (in both cases, behind closed doors in a place disconnected from reality). A perfect example is how deregulation led to less competition and higher cable rates (Why Are My Cable Bills So High?).

Whether Time Warner has a monopoly in Cincinnati is, to some extent, a matter of perspective. Some (Time Warner) claim that satellite providers are competition, while others say not. In truth, comparing satellite and cable is probably somewhere between apples-apples and apples-oranges.

But Lebanon found a way to expand service and lower cable costs.

Given that Lebanon's solution violates Republican dogma, it would be considered anathema by Cincinnati Republicans even though it benefits citizens. It's yet another indication that GOP loyalty is with corporations ("consumers") and not consumers ("liberals").


Mark said...

But, but, but, that's SOCIALISM!

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