01 December 2005

This Will Show Up on CSI Someday

“A Sheboygan woman was seriously injured Wednesday night when her live-in boyfriend allegedly beat her with a cactus. 22 year old Nathaniel Radzicki was arrested and charged with substantial battery withadangerous weapon and is facing up to 8 years in prison. Sheboygan Police report they received a 911 call and responded to the apartment in the 600 block of South 8th Street about 10 p.m.

The victim said Radzicki became upset over some phone calls he had made and then “went psycho”, hitting her repeatedly with the cactus plant. Officers said the victim was covered with blood bleeding from the face, head and arms. She needed stitches to her upper lip, had a broken eardrum, a severely bruised jaw and medical staff had to use tweezers to pick large half-inch thorns from her neck, face and arms.” [WHBL News Radio]


Mark said...

Did you read about the guy who got out of rape charge because he said he was sleep-fucking?

Either he has a very strange disorder or an incredible lawyer.

WestEnder said...

I didn't read about that, but I do know that this happens. I knew a guy who had this disorder (actually I knew his girlfriend, who knew more about it than he did, I'm guessing).

Suddenly snoring ain't so bad, eh?