25 November 2005

Iraq Soldier Says "Go Bengals!"

Seen last night on The Jimmy Kimmel Show: he talked to a group of soldiers and they went around and each said their name and hometown. Sure enough, there was one from Cincinnati and he said "Go Bengals!"

We're thinking about you, too, my friend. Hope you'll be back soon to enjoy the games with all of us.


TravisG said...

You watch Jimmy Kimmel?

WestEnder said...

I'm not really a fan of any of the late-night talk shows; I just got home late and happened to flip on the TV.

I have a particular sore spot for the Jimmy Kimmel show because it replaced the Nightline spin-off Up Close, which was an excellent news broadcast. But the Disney execs (which owns ABC) decided that excellent advertising is more important than excellent programming.