22 December 2005

DHS Does Not Remember the Alamo

You might think DHS has its hands full protecting us from vegans, Catholics, animal lovers and Quakers, but those workhorses still found the time to block a kidney transplant patient from returning to the U.S. for treatment.

People think just because someone has a kidney transplant and lies in a hospital bed all day that he can't be a terrorist. Nonsense. When people lose kidneys they get mad. And when people get mad they start to hate our freedoms. DHS made a big mistake letting in this dangerous person. People with failing kidneys accumulate high concentrations of creatinine and urea, both of which contain nitrogen, which is used in explosives. How can we be sure this person didn't deliberately destroy his kidneys so that he could come to the U.S. for treatment and blow up San Antonio by holding in his pee? We could have a new type of suicide bomber here, and the feds are just letting him waltz right in.


Wes said...

And don't forget - Osama bin Laden is allegedly on dialysis, purifying his whiz into weapons-grade materials.


Libertarian Jason said...

Dude...you slay me!