28 December 2005

DeWine's Seat Is One of Several in Democratic Crosshairs

Ohio is one of several states targeted by the Senate Dems for 2006 (the others: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee and Arizona).

So far, the DSCC has an almost 2-to-1 fundraising advantage, but that didn't scare the NRSC much: "NRSC spokesman Brian Nick said [the Dems'] current fundraising advantage 'means zilch.'"

According to the article, Dems will try to capitalize on public dissatisfaction with Bush. This is the same strategy the Dems used in 2002 and 2004. Many Republicans laugh at this and wonder why the Dems don't change strategies. Well, the Dems aren't going to "cut and run" just because they're "losing" or "not getting elected" (as Republicans would phrase it). That would be allowing the Republicans to win. The best strategy is to stay the course and keep doing the same thing.

And remember, the Dems are kicking ass. It just doesn't seem that way because the liberal media never reports the good news.


Anonymous said...

I believe that the Iraq War and the increase in energy costs are going to be fuel that the fire will need to get rid of the the republican senators running in those states.

I also believe that it is up to each democratic contender to have a vision. That is something that the party is lacking. That vision thing. Suburbanites vote in higher numbers in proportion to urban or small town dwellers and that is what they look for in a candidate.

Mark said...

I'd vote for a monkey over Dewine. I'd even vote for Arnie over Dewine.

WestEnder said...

Enough flip-flopping. What's it going to be, the monkey or the ape?