01 December 2005

Another Hat Tossed Into District 2

It's Thor Jacobs', and apparently he kinda sorta ran in the special election earlier this year.

Little is known about his policies, but hopefully that will change when his website is up and running (which should be soon, according to an email he sent out).

What we know at this point is that he graduated from Madeira High School (which has a good academic reputation) where he captained the 9-1 football team in 1975. He was also inducted into their athletic hall of fame in 1994. And apparently he was recruited by Nebraska for football, but he went to Ohio State (which I'm not allowed to talk about) and got a BBA followed by an MBA from UC.

After college he stayed around these parts and worked for NCR and Convergys before starting Sovereign Construction, a basement remodeling company, with his brother (who played football at 'Bama).


Eric Kephas said...

I'm assuming he's a D, but just to be sure, which primary will he be running in?

Either way, he's got a pretty cool name.

WestEnder said...

You assume correctly; he is a D.

I like his name, too, but I'm waiting with bated breath for newspapers to throw out headlines like "Thor strikes lightning into debate" or "Thor thunders through primary."

roastedcoyote said...

EHL guy, I like him already. Football and construction....this is the type of democrat that can get people talking in Ohio's second district. I have to admit though, I played football in the EHL and work in construction so I might be partial.