10 December 2005

Conservative Pundit Reported to Be 'Douchebag'

There's nothing like the feeling of pride in promoting a local blogger, and I'm just warm and fuzzy all over about this post from Tavern Wench.

I don't know what bar she works at, but I'll go there if they have big TVs and a good kitchen.

(and I can take my poodle...)


Mark said...

When I first heard Micheal Weiner, I thought he was a intentional joke. It's hard to believe there are enough idiots to keep him on the air.

roastedcoyote said...

I've been using your post on Thor Jacobs when commenting on the upcomming OH-2 race. When I get time I'll try to post on the OH-1 contest between Chabot and Cranley. My effortsbegan tonight with my take on Chabot's reported trip to Iraq and Afganistan.

JenJen said...

We're working on the TV's... maybe after the first of the year.

It's not like we're corporate, you know...

Best Italian kitchen in town.