08 December 2005

DNC Moves Forward With Anti-Schmidt Billboard

After being rejected by Lamar Advertising for ad space on two Porstmouth billboards (near Schmidt's local office there), the DNC has decided to make its own:

"During the next week we will purchase full-page newspaper ads in local newspapers and just so everyone is sure to get the message -- a mobile billboard will hit the streets in the 2nd district." [Daily Kos]

As usual, the DNC is being stupid. First of all, it should make this about the GOP, not Jean Schmidt. She is not a lone wolf with a loud mouth; she represents the party line, and that is what the DNC should be attacking. The DNC should be using Schmidt to attack the GOP, but it is just using Schmidt to attack Schmidt. It's a wasted opportunity.

Secondly, all the DNC is really doing is helping Bob McEwen win the GOP primary. Is this what the Dems want? Why do they think this would work in their favor? Do they think any Dem candidate would have an easier time beating McEwen rather than Schmidt? Or do they have a particular candidate in mind that they're setting up?


Markus said...

Is Bob McEwen running against Schmidt? Where did you find that info?

WestEnder said...

To my knowledge McEwen has NOT yet made it official; I'm suggesting that his decision will be all the easier now that the DNC has stepped in to help him. How can he not run when even his opposition is making in-kind contributions?

Mark said...

Bob McEwen lives in the building behind me. Maybe I can start transmitting brainwashing messages towards his bedroom window.

"The aliens are good. Surrender at once. You will enjoy mining the moons of Vlurkon IV."

WestEnder said...

Or you can do what the GOP would and plant a bug in his home.