01 December 2005

Pentagon: Next Time We'll Be Less Stupid

From now on, the Pentagon will include post-combat planning into its military operations.

Good news? Don't make me laugh. People have been harping about post-combat plans since BEFORE the war started, and the neoPentagon has ignored it all. Unless this directive includes changes in the cognitive ability of neocons, it will have no effect.

So what is the point of this "new" policy? To make it seem like the neoPentagon has brain cells and can actually learn from 4 years of unrelenting ineptitude.

I don't know about you, but when I hear a bunch of inept morons make nice-sounding promises, I don't exactly make a note of it.


KatieG said...

glad they're planning ahead for "the next war" -- because, you know, this one's going so well...

Cincinnati Change said...

We believe that it is going well from an objective point of view and are willing to start a site to debate it.

We acknowledge that it is costing us but now that we are in it we want us to gain something.

We have friends with 350 on the ground in logistics and the reports we get them along with our experience in the region make us believe we can "win" this one. At least so my daughter won't have to suit up.