13 December 2005

Will the Real Fiscal Conservative Please Stand Up?

The GOP always runs on a platform of fiscal conservatism but usually delivers a plate full of corruption. So far, the first half of the equation is playing out in the GOP Governor's race.

Petro and Blackwell both favor anti-spending plans based on additional regulations. Pete Draganic favors an across-the-board spending cut. Last week, Betty Montgomery unveiled her plan that keeps the onus on state government to make the tough calls.

Does Montgomery's approach mark her as the true fiscal conservative? The Blackwell and Petro plans practically concede that Republicans cannot be trusted to spend properly, so they remove spending authority from people and put it into new regulations. That's a cop out, folks. If our officials can't be fiscally responsible, then we need new officials, not new regulations.

I applaud Montgomery for her "buck stops here" policy. It shows more guts than the other candidates. Montgomery's current position as state auditor also gives her added credibility when it comes to fiscal matters.

It remains to be seen whether Montgomery's profile will get any boost from her fiscal policy, given that "Holy Jim" Petro's ads seem to be resonating with the base.

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