26 December 2005

"Catch & Release" with Jim Petro

From the AP:

"Attorney General Jim Petro's chief fund-raiser told a lawyer that legal work for the state was available for a $25,000 donation, the lawyer said in a statement for a lawsuit "

"[the lawyer] said [Petro's chief fundraiser] told him a contribution would be needed if he wanted legal work from the state. 'I asked her what the going contribution was and she said $25,000.00; in addition to that she said that most contributors agree to host several fund raisers for the candidate and there would be some expense involved in hosting the fund raisers.'"

It's a little hard to believe someone would be so obtuse as to come right out and say it. We all know it happens, it's just hard to believe it happens this way. Then again, it's hard to believe county chairs getting into rumbles, but that happened, too.

Unfortunately, we may never know whether Petro ran a corrupt office and if so, to what extent. The lawsuit that challenged Petro's actions has just been dropped because of mounting legal costs.


VikingSpirit said...

The case about the bar fight got dismissed about a week ago.

All well, Nichols likely won't get re-elected as Central Committee chair now.

WestEnder said...

May I presume that the people who will elect a new chair (maybe) will be the same ones who elected the old one?