22 December 2005

ACLU Still Tearing America Apart Like a Fluffy Muffin

The ACLU hates America. We know that. Militant lesbians get degrees in Womyn's Studies from Smith, then they go to law school and work for the ACLU. We know that. Their agenda is to put an abortion clinic and gay repertory theater in every strip mall in suburban America. WE KNOW THAT.

So I'm not sure what to make of this recent ACLU case. I know the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but what if the enemy of my friend is acting all friendly and stuff, is he still my enemy, or is my friend my enemy, and the enemy is actually a friend of my enemy? That would still make the enemy the enemy, unless the enemy actually is a friend, which we know is impossible. So if the enemy is still the enemy, why is he being friendly to my friend, unless my friend is the enemy or unless the enemy wants to infiltrate and destroy the only thing saving us from roadsides littered with dead fetuses and gay-themed programming on prime-time network TV?

Don't be fooled America, the ACLU hates you. If you think civil liberties are so important (i.e. you hate America, too), then by all means give them your elitist money so they can help terrorists like bin Laden and al-Zarqawi escape. After we catch them, I mean. And then don't release them ourselves.

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