25 July 2008

Inaugural Blogger Convention Review

Much thanks to the Mercantile Library for engendering the idea and hosting the event. There were about two dozen of Cincinnati's most important and influential cognoscenti. Fortunately they let me in anyway.

Noted & Observed:

The Mercantile is an impressive entity. They don't have your favorite TV shows on DVD but they do have lots of books for those into the reading thing. And they have two incredible grandfather clocks among their many "art & antiquities" holdings. Odds are they'll get a few new members from last night's event.

The current issue of "Poets & Writers" magazine features a photo of Marilyn Monroe on the cover sitting in a park and reading Ulysses.

Julie looks good in a dress. You know exactly what I mean. And she accessorizes well with the boyfriend (they're a nice couple, that's what that means). And of course, they went out to eat afterwards and so did everyone within ten feet of them.

Kate has a nice smile so, Kate, maybe it's okay if you laugh at the wrong moments. You can probably get away with it better than the rest :) Also there was consensus that she had nice shoes.

Matt is a talker! But he's a lot of fun and he can say things about your mother in several languages so this is definitely a guy to have at the party.

Mr. 5chw4r7z forwarded a secret tip to fix hard drives: take it out, freeze it, and then put it back in and see if it works. I've never heard that and I think he might be confusing it with some questionable sexual advice.

I had a delicious "Bourbonzola" burger at Rock Bottom afterwards. When I got home I wanted another one. And a pint.

Speaking of pints, somebody at the table had too many and came up with the idea of going to the Horseshit Creation Museum. I think the rest of us had too many because it seemed like a good idea. Holy crap.

Summation: good event, good time, good new friends. Hope to do it again soon.


Wes said...

My dentist and I have thrown around the idea of getting a group together, imbibing beyond normal human parameters, then visiting the Temple of Ignorance down there in Boone County. We'll let you know if it comes to pass.

I'd want to use someone else's money for that, though; I don't want those slackjawed loons getting one dime of my hard-earned.


Julie said...

I think Terry came up with the idea, and Kate and I seconded it. For the record, I was entirely sober, so it was still a good idea.

And thank you for your compliments. If I were to review West Ender, I'd say, "He's quiet yet poignant, and put up with a table of fairly loud people."

I would love to figure out how to go without spending my own money. Hmmm...

Kate The Great said...

I only want to go to the Creation Museum to get a rise at shocking all those freaks! KtG has an alter-ego and our Museum excursion seems like a great place to unleash it... or leash it, as the case may be ;)

Ashish - it was fantastic meeting you, too, and I agree - we all need to do it again soon!

Anonymous said...

Well, seeing as everyone who came to the event last night is now a member of the Library, you can meet here anytime.

I can't guarantee we'll always have a tub of free booze for you, though.

Julie said...

Chris, if we can bring our own, that's equally appealing. :)

Anonymous said...

That's fine, as long as you share with the Librarians.

Julie said...

As a former archival employee, I always share with the librarians.

Barry Floore said...

WE -- you are totally flirting with this blog. I'm calling you out.

Julie is very pretty.

And, as a former circulation employee, anyone who brought me booze at work always got "special status."

As for the Creation Museum... um... I think that could solve Kate and my question of "when are we getting a cocktail."

Brian Who Cooks said...

Hey hey... don't forget about me!

I'm all up for the Creation Museum trip, especially if it gives me a chance to bring Barney out of mothballs.


PS Great time, folks. And great yapping your ears off, Westender.

Julie said...

Um, thanks! I'm getting embarrassed here.

I sense a Cincinnati Bloggers Trip to the Creation Museum. With liquor. We pre-game at the Mercantile.


LDP said...

Hey, I have a blog!

WestEnder said...

I agree, the psycho-emotional hurdle is having to give our money to this temple of ignorance. Something harder than booze may be needed. I am not suggesting anything, just stating a scientific fact.

I wonder if we can expense it somehow...

Brian Who Cooks said...

How about a fundraiser? A bake sale, a pledge-a-thon, etc.? That way, we're not giving our dirty wads of cash to those dirty wads of stupidity.

Thoughts? Opinions? Onions?

Julie said...

Date auctions!

WestEnder said...

Here is the plan. We form a band, write some songs, play a few gigs and sell songs for $1 over the net.

This will fund parties, conventions, and excursions for years to come.

BTW I have zero musical talent and stage fright. I will be manager.

Kate The Great said...

I rock at karaoke. I guess I could use that talent for the betterment of our Museum Quest...

Wes said...

Shotgun keyboards/songwriting.

Also, another idea - how about we make some of WestEnder's delicious sandwiches and sell them?