29 May 2009

Thank You, Greenpeace, for Making Me Laugh

From the Pulse-Journal:

Ohio has emitted more global warming pollution from 1960 to 2005 than any one of 172 countries... According to Greenpeace, Ohio's emissions were greater than Mexico, Spain, Australia or South Africa and the Buckeye state's cumulative emissions were larger than that of the 104 least polluting countries combined.

Shorter: Regions of higher agricultural and industrial output produced more pollution than regions of lower agricultural and industrial output.

Brilliant. And keep in mind, they actually thought this was worth issuing a press release. Here are future Greenpeace reports I am anticipating:

Greenpeace: Sun hot, moon cold.
Global warming could lead to higher temperatures, says Greenpeace.
Shit happens, warns Greenpeace report.

28 May 2009

Butterflies and Orchids at the Krohn

Finally got to see the butterfly show in this, its last week. For those planning to go, check the Krohn website first and print out the $1 off coupon so your fee will be $5 instead of $6. Here are some of the crazy butterflies you will see:

Many more photos from the Nomerati as well. And unlike me, she had her camera on the right white balance and color setting. I was so keen on doing everything in macro and I forgot about other things.

27 May 2009

License Plate POTD

23 May 2009

Gearing Up for the Taste

If you tap it, they will come.

I would like to sit in on the porta-potty negotiations when the different companies make their pitches, hoping to win this coveted contract. And then I would like to go out drinking with the porta-potty reps because you know people with that job are gonna be fun. Also, while taking this picture I noted a sweet aroma in the air and realized that the potties are perfumed! I predict that aroma will disappear around 1pm.

The Hamilton County GOP booth.

I boldly predict more people will show up.

That will be me in 30 years, holding hands with my sweetheart and remembering how we used to stuff our fat faces back in the days when gas was cheap and Presidents were white.

This is an electrical schematic. It takes a lot of time & work to hook up all those booths.

With all that work, you need a break sometimes.

Not if you put away all 40 ounces it doesn't.

Have fun, people!

21 May 2009

Two Segways and a Burrito

Had a plan to get lunch at Javier's the other day. While waiting for my compadre (or would it be commadre?), I couldn't help but notice two gentlemen on segways going up and down the street. This was interesting enough for me to snap a few shots, but the "rest of the story" is better yet.

Turns out the segway company is loaning these two segways to the Fringe Festival staff to use during the week so they were out there getting the hang of it. It's a win-win: the segways get publicity and the staff gets to where it needs to be on time and with a bit of flair. I'm not sure if there are openings for official Fringe staff, but there ARE spots available for volunteers and it can all be done via the website.

At Javier's I had the "surf & turf" burrito of the day which had rice, andouille sausage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken and shrimp. Yup, all that stuff crammed into a big, fat burrito. My companion had the chicken taco. We both agreed that the food was good but could have used more flavor and/or spice. Neither dish had much personality. This could have probably been ameliorated to some extend by addition of sauces on the table but our hunger and excited conversation precluded such action.

I would try it again but next time I'll spice it up.

Javier was there (of course) and stopped by our table to say hello and tell us about the weekend music & salsa parties. He's a good hombre and I'm always happy to support his business.

19 May 2009

Classic Jag

Saw this beauty in Oakley:

18 May 2009

And the Asshat Award Goes to...

...Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison, NFL defensive MVP and Super Bowl champ. Sportswriter Chris Chase fills us in:

On Thursday, President Obama will welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers to the White House to honor the team for its recent Super Bowl victory. But, just like in 2006 when the Steelers had a post-title meeting with George W. Bush, defensive MVP (and Super Bowl hero) James Harrison won't be in attendance. But he has a good reason:

"This is how I feel -- if you want to see the Pittsburgh Steelers, invite us when we don't win the Super Bowl. As far as I'm concerned, he [Obama] would've invited Arizona if they had won."

You know what? Let's make this one a Double Asshat Award. It's just that stupid.

Read the rest of the article here. (and read the article comments if you need yet more asshattery in your day).

How Local Taxes are Spent: Case Study

It's far too easy to adopt a knee-jerk opposition to all taxes. It's a little tougher to take the time to assess how monies are being spent and which expenditures should be cut. Anyone advocating tax cuts should not be taken seriously without providing specific details about where the cuts would come from. Vague sloganeering about "big government" shouldn't cut it (I just realized that's a pun); if a tax-cut proposal wants to be taken seriously it should specifically identify things that are inefficient, unnecessary, overcharged, redundant, etc.

So I appreciated the article "A Day in the Life of a City Engineering Supervisor" in the Van Wert Times-Bulletin. It details some of the job duties of this position, something that is off the radar for most of us and therefore gives us a peek into what local tax dollars do and how fiscal shortfalls affect local services.

13 May 2009

Headline of the Day

From the Coen brothers' new script the Associated Press:

Michigan Man Accidentally Kills Wife with Chainsaw.

10 May 2009

How to Change an Air Conditioner

First step, get a new air conditioner.

Next, get a helicopter.

Everything is ready: Building in background; New air conditioner on truck; Empty truck for old air conditioner; Helicopter ready for liftoff.

Helicopter flies to pick up old air conditioner from roof.

Helicopter puts old unit on truck.

We watch as helicopter transfers new unit to roof, wondering what else we might have missed all those times we were somewhere else on Sunday mornings.

09 May 2009

Good Times at the Appalachian Festival (UPDATED!)

(Updated with event info link at bottom)

The river level is high. To put it in historical perspective, the 1937 flood would have put these kids under about 50 feet of water!

There is a plethora of high quality arts & crafts at the festival. Here is one example, Parsley Pottery. Pottery fans will want to check this out for sure. Don't expect any bargains, though.

There was music all over the place. You can't walk one minute without coming across a person or group performing. And they're all good. It is worth going just for the music.

Making a bowl. This is really cool because it goes beyond just putting out arts, crafts and furniture for people to buy. People are actually making the things right in front of you and they will tell you all about it. A bowl is not that exciting but other stuff is: metal forging, chair making, basket weaving, spinning.

To you, it's a bath rug... to this person, it's a purse! Also on this rack is the Rolls-Royce of fanny packs, I kid you not.

Just a few of the hundreds and hundreds of quilts.

A resonator dulcimer? Yes, there is such a thing. They call it a "dulcimbro!"

Pat Maley is a certified master spinner and will tell you everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about the history of spinning fibers, which, as it turns out, is part of American folk history. Seriously, she is an encyclopedia of information about this subject and a very engaging speaker. If you go to the festival, do not miss her!

Goofy yard ornaments. This is about as close to Gatlinburgesque kitsch as it got.

Wooden frogs. When the stick is pulled out and rubbed across the frog's back, the result is a sound like a frog croaking! Kids loved it.

The event ends Sunday. For info go here.

07 May 2009

Factoid of the Day

Today's date is 5/7/09 which is unique because it is 3 consecutive odd numbers. As WKRC reported this morning, this happened only 6 times in the previous century.

But if you think about it (and you won't, so I'll just tell you), this is not really an amazing numerical coincidence because it happens 6 times every century. It has to. There are 12 months and 6 of them are odd. Every odd month has its consecutive odd numbers day. When the century flips over it starts again.

In fact, using expensive and sophisticated computer software, I have been able to determine that the next consecutive odd number day will be July 9, 2011. Start planning now.

So the good news for local news media is that they can fill up 30 seconds of air time 6 times every hundred years. Unfortunately, that still leaves 10,767,750 minutes for murders, tasings, car chases and celebrity gossip.

04 May 2009

POTD: Live, Laugh, Love...

...and enjoy moments of irony:

01 May 2009

POTD: Rothko's Door?