26 October 2010

Then and Now II

If I recall my local history correctly, prosperous merchant Joseph Carew was passing through town sometime in the late 19th century and missed his train to Memphis where he was going to scout locations for a new store. With time to spare, he and his business partner walked around Cincinnati. Impressed with the city and its potential, Carew suggested they establish the new store in Cincinnati instead of Memphis, and they did. The Mabley & Carew department store stood on the corner of 5th & Vine until it was demolished to build the skyscraper, which was then named Carew Tower.

It was roughly half a century between the department store and the Tower. I wonder what this block will look like in another few decades. Will the CAC be torn down to make way for a Cadillac Ranch Tower?? Or vice versa?? Who will win the battle of art vs. consumerism in 2050?

Of course, in a perfect world the two would merge into THE SHEPARD FAIREY CADILLAC RANCH CONTEMPORARY ART TOWER. Wait for it.

24 October 2010

Then and Now

Just one example of a new building adjacent to an older one. I like contrasting juxtapositions like this, something old next to something new; something weird next to something ordinary, etc. I would guess visages like this will become even more common after the economy improves and financing becomes more readily available for new construction and renovation projects, especially in OTR.

I like how the newer building boasts its presence with those surrealism-meets-abstract-expressionism reflections while the older buildings stand staid, too tired and worn out to retort.

18 October 2010

Representation without Medication

Every now and then someone finds this blog via the search term "Sandra Queen Noble" which leads them to this old post from 2005.

Lately that post has gotten scores of hits and I couldn't help wonder why. Turns out Ms. Noble (who still has a few screws loose) has taken her dreams of elected office to Washington, D.C.

I still remember her appearance on Dan Hurley's Newsmakers. It's gotta be tough to have a political confab with someone who has obvious mental health issues and Hurley did a commendable job in a bizarre situation.

Still, I have to agree with the article's conclusion: It’s not likely that Del. Norton will debate Queen Noble, but don’t you wish she would?

15 October 2010

One Hug and Ticket, Please

06 October 2010

Unsanctioned Public Art

03 October 2010

Thumbs Up for Pasta Lunch at Scotti's

I met a couple of friends for lunch at Scotti's recently. I have been to Scotti's once previously but it was so long ago that I don't remember anything. One of the friends had a good lunch there a couple of weeks prior to our meetup and suggested we all try it.

After being seated, we talked for a few minutes while our pupils adjusted to the dim light (hence no pics) and then we considered the menu over an order of their very garlicky garlic bread ($2.50). The garlic is raw and potent, not roasted. If that is your thing, you will like it (although the people with whom you spend your afternoon may not).

The two friends split the fettucine al guido (like alfredo but with butter & cream instead of butter & parmesan). I tried one forkfull and that is all I needed to know that this is not the dish for me. I do not know how they ate even half a portion (or how the one friend who recently ate there managed to eat an entire portion at his first lunch). To my palate, it was disgustingly buttery and heavy. I felt like I was eating a stick of butter. The two of them, however, enjoyed it and finished their plates.

My choice was the ravioli al caruso. The ravioli is meat-filled and caruso is a red sauce with small meatballs and chicken livers. At first I thought the sauce was a bit bland but I think that is because I have had too much sauce out of a jar. My instinct may have been to expect something salty and "zesty." This sauce was neither. But it was not bland; it would be more accurate to say the ingredients were well balanced so that none stood out.

The meatballs, on the other hand, could use a little help. I did find them gustatorily lackluster. And the chicken livers? Well, you either like them or you don't. I like their bitter savoriness and enjoyed them with this dish. I was surprised at how many meatballs and livers came with the dish; they were not stingy with the portions.

My pasta lunch special rang in at $9.85, including tax. It doesn't classify as cheap eats but it is good eats.

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