31 August 2010


30 August 2010

Three Little Bulbs

I like to carry this photo of three cool light bulbs above my head; it helps me have three ideas at a time. I could have separated these independent clauses with periods; I chose to use semicolons.

24 August 2010

Don't Read this if You're Jenny McCarthy, Pt. II

Penn & Teller vs. the anti-vaccine cult:

(Clicking on the arrow will open a new window. Close the new window, come back to this page and click on the arrow again to play the video. Totally worth it)


23 August 2010


I don't know if this is a depiction of an erstwhile reality or wishful thinking for the future. Right now it's an empty lot with cracked pavement, weeds and broken glass. I suppose it symbolizes the cycle of ascent and decline that urban neighborhoods can go through.

19 August 2010

Teresa Loves Stone

Love is always precious, and made all the more so with Wild Irish Rose.

16 August 2010


Bit of an odd place for the WWF symbol...

13 August 2010

Creative Rubble Alley

10 August 2010


There's actually kind of a font thing going on here. Nice.

08 August 2010

Crap, Nude Photos

This post title might even replace "Campbell Brown Exposed" for the title of post that solicits the most hits. And if you came here actually looking for crap or nude photos or both, well, then I'm sorry.

05 August 2010


Nothing more than a sign on an empty building now, but at one time Maudie's in Queensgate was probably hopping with patrons stopping by after work from one of the area factories, like the once adjacent Queen City Barrel Company.

02 August 2010

City Seeks Streetcar Project Manager

Spread the word on this, people. Getting the right person for this job can make all the difference:

The City of Cincinnati is seeking to fill the position of Assistant to City Manager (Streetcar Project Manager). This employee provides assistance to the City Manager by managing all aspects of the development and implementation of a Cincinnati streetcar transit system. Serves as a liaison to City, State and Federal lobbying; makes recommendations for the City Manager's consideration; assists the City Manager with coordination of communications with City Council, City employees, the news media, and the general public in regards to the streetcar development and future expansion.

More info and application procedures here.