28 July 2008

The WestEnder Sandwich

I like sandwiches. All kinds. In my opinion the sandwich is a highly underrated food item.

I have two basic principles that guide my sandwichery: high quality ingredients and something on the side. Chips, potato salad, soup, pickle, whatever-- I can't eat a sandwich without a sidekick. I've been known to put sandwiches back in the fridge because I didn't have anything to go with it. Yes, it's a little eccentric but why don't you just shut the hell up.

I will now share my current favorite sandwich recipe. To be honest, it takes a while to prepare so in a sense it kind of defeats the purpose of a sandwich but it's worth it.

First, toast the bread. While this is happening, doctor the mayo by adding curry powder and squeezing half a lemon.

Spread the mayo on one slice, dijon mustard on the other. Now go back and add more mayo because chances are you didn't use enough the first time.

1st layer: smoked turkey.
2nd layer: salami.
3rd layer: smoked gouda cheese.
4th layer: one slice of smoked braunschweiger liverwurst.
5th layer: tomato.

Now that I think about it I guess I have a third principle which is that everything is better smoked. By the way, all the ingredients are conveniently available in Findlay Market and yes, the liverwurst is necessary to make this sandwich fully functional. It's also a good source of iron and vitamins A and B-12.

I am going to give the recipe to Silverglade's and ask them to add it to their menu. I will explain that I have so little in my life and if they could grant me this one thing it would mean oh so much.


Kate The Great said...

You had me until I saw the liverwurst. Don't know if I can go there... I mean, it has "wurst" in the name for a reason. Otherwise your sandwich sounds delish.

WestEnder said...

Fear not the liverwurst. "Wurst" is German for candy.

Also I forgot to mention bacon which can be added as layer 2.5

Kate The Great said...

Bacon. I'll add you to the fan club list...

I took a few years of German, and I don't remember anyone telling me Wurst was the word for candy.

Then again, I passed German by the skin of my teeth. French was a completely different story.

WestEnder said...

And I forgot to mention the red onion which comes after the tomato. I'm in a red onion phase right now.