12 November 2012

Here Are Some of Enquirer Reporter Lafcadio Hearn's Articles from the 1870s

I've mentioned Lafcadio Hearn before, in this crazy post. Here are the titles of some more of his popular columns:

The Last of the Horse: How he is turned into soap, fertilizer, and Prussian Blue, a flying visit to the Horse-Frying works at Delhi

Within the Bars: How prisoners look, live, and conduct themselves, some glimpses of life in the County Jail

The Aesthetics of Hanging

Dug up. Doctors at work on the body of Bellevile. Post Mortem examination at Spring Grove cemetery

A Naughty Widow

Dame Sidney Augustine: An abortion for twenty-five dollars and the price worked out. Fortune telling and dead babies

A Dish of Soup: How a carpenter falls in love with cookery and then the cook

Free Love in Cincinnati History

Greeks, Jews, and Cannibals