27 January 2010

Job > Street Cred

Man wearing Statue of Liberty costume and handing out cards for a tax prep business:

18 January 2010

Inner City Dangers, vol. MCMXVII

I was walking around, minding my own business and all of a sudden this fence comes up and tries to grab my throat and strangle me:

03 January 2010

Resolution: Limburger

It's the time for New Year's resolutions, which means it's time for people to pretend they're really going to travel more, learn a new language, get that promotion, lose weight, etc.

Fuck that. Last year, I had two resolutions: to try head cheese and limburger cheese. My head cheese experience was awful but on the upshot there's a different (and likely better) brand of head cheese that I can try this year, thereby getting two years out of the same resolution.

I waited until the last minute for the limburger experience but it happened, thanks to a holiday gift package from a "friend" who wanted to help me meet my limburgerine goal.

I don't know where she found it (update: now I do) but it's imported from a place I'm guessing is The Netherlands:

I could barely catch a whiff of the cheese while wrapped. After unwrapping, I have to say I was astonished-- maybe even a bit disappointed-- at the absence of the olfactory assault for which I had prepared myself for two days. There was hardly any "smelly feet" aroma with this particular limburger. I presume this has at least something to do with its age (riper = smellier).

It's a semisoft cheese, sliceable but not really spreadable. I tried it on rye bread, first with red onion:

The limburger had a creamy texture and mellow flavor, like a muenster except with taste. Red onion is potent so it can overwhelm the cheese if there is too much in one bite. This combination was tasty but I felt like it could get to the next level if there was something spreadable on the bread. I will come back to this.

Next I tried it with anchovies:

I liked the combination of the salty anchovies and the creamy limburger. This is a good little snack. I would think a tapenade would also work, especially for people who freak out when they see anchovies.

As far as the missing spreadable ingredient, I am going to try liverwurst and then the chicken liver mousse I made for a party, most of which is leftover because nobody wanted to try it even though it's really good.

Conclusion: I will eat limburger again. If it's good enough for Gomer Pyle, it's good enough for me.