31 January 2011

The Monolith

When I saw this I thought of the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
It's in a downtown park, nowhere near outer space or chimps with sticks.

21 January 2011

Let's Pretend

17 January 2011


13 January 2011

Crazy Kid vs. Arts Education

What we have here is graffiti art by grade schoolers in Columbus, IN. As you can see, it is a scene in which an alien is greeting a girl... a girl who happens to have facial vitiligo and antennae coming out of her head. Furthermore, the girl lacks a normal shoulder joint and instead her arms hang from her hips. And they are not even arms, they are ostrich legs.

While I concede that such a girl may actually exist in central Indiana and other places with environmental mutagens and poultry farms, we must also consider the possibility that this visage is the result of inadequate arts education funding.

On the other hand, I suppose it is possible that this painting's bizarreness is one of those genius bizarenesses, like Dali, and not a bizarre bizarreness (like Vinh Bui's Australian Idol audition). I'll follow FOX News's example and just report it and let you decide.

(But in the true spirit of FOX News, I'll report it by saying arts education warps our childrens' minds at taxpayer expense and by also reminding everyone Hitler was once an art student).

12 January 2011

Greg Harris Leaving Cincinnati... Sort of

CityBeat reports that Greg Harris has accepted a job in Detroit. This is good news for him personally but bad news for Cincinnati. Harris is knowledgeable about urban affairs and a proponent of smart growth and progress. It would have been great for Harris to run and (finally) win a council seat. Of course, he would already be on council if Laketa Cole had appointed the bestest person instead of the blackest person. But that's another story.

I expect his new gig will be a tough one and I wish him all the best. Cincinnati's loss is Detroit's gain.

10 January 2011

Well I Thought it was Cool

Reflection pattern: