04 December 2006

Uncle Tom's Freidman

So you're the little journalist who started this great war?

I do not care much for Tom Freidman. There, I said it. He's intelligent, informed and he writes well and makes nice shows for Discovery Channel but to me he mostly came off as someone who crafted articulate excuses for neocon foreign policy. A poor man's Francis Fukuyama, perhaps?

But Freidman was hardly alone, and as Greenwald's essay points out, he's just one cog in a machine fueled by gutless politicians and corporate media. This is one essay that needs to be read and spread.


Norm De Plume said...

Because I loved "From Beirut to Jerusalem" so much, I've given Friedman so much slack over the years it sickens me to think about it. In fact, I read "The World is Flat" in it's entirety before I declared it to be a load of b.s., even though it was readily apparent from page one.

A lot of people I know seem to like him despite the obvious. I think it's the cognitive dissonance created by his cuddly, apple cheeks and his rugged, gunfighter mustache.

WestEnder said...

He does have a charismatic mustache. I'd like to see his mustache go up against John Bolton's.

(For my money, Rollie Fingers had the best 'stache).