14 December 2006

Sen. Johnson's Illness Will Test Republican Party

Here's the latest on Sen. Tim Johnson as of 10 a.m. this morning:

Adm. John Eisold, attending physician of the United States Capitol, said that Johnson had undergone brain surgery and was in critical condition. He said it was not known if further surgery was required.

"He underwent successful surgery to evacuate the blood and stabilize the malformation. The senator is recovering without complication in the critical care unit. ... It is premature to determine whether further surgery will be required or to assess any long term prognosis."

This page has a good description of AVMs.

I know it's too early to officially determine whether the senator will return to work or not, but I am very skeptical that he will. That means the GOP will control the Senate. What will they do?

GOP control of the Senate may not be as bad as one may assume. It will be a litmus test to see whether the GOP has learned anything from its electoral defeat. If a Republican Senate behaves the same way it has for the past 6 years, it will cost them the 2008 election. If Republicans want the White House, they need to change their tune.

The good news for Republicans is that there really isn't anyone holding their feet to the fire. The mainstream media? Whatever. The Democrats? Come on, I'm trying to be serious here.

I personally do not think a Republican Senate would be any different than before. The senators are the same and the Party is mostly the same. The GOP is a corporate and evangelical lobbying firm. That hasn't changed. It's main function is marketing and campaigning rather than governing and leading. That hasn't changed. Moreover, Republicans have made no acknowledgment of their horrific corruption and policy failures.

I expect a Republican Senate to be as pathetic and incompetent as before. The only variable is whether the Democrats have gained some cajones or not. That will determine to what extent the Senate remains reality-based.


KatieG said...

i know its a hugely important issue...but something leaves a bad taste in mouth even thinking the thought "i really hope he lives so we don't lose the senate" - i mean, i am thinking that, and everyone's talking about it, and they should be...

...but it seems weird...

WestEnder said...

Imagine what the White House is thinking.

Feel better?

KatieG said...

they're probably throwing a party...maybe with the holiday dinner leftovers...