26 December 2006

Tatoo Contrition May Soon Be a Thing of the Past

Science and American ingenuity. Two things that have gone great together for 230 years. First it was Benjamin Franklin and today it is the guys who did this:

Soon there may be a solution to the phenomenon of tattoo regret -- removable tattoo ink. A company founded by doctors says it will begin selling such ink early next year. The ink is applied just as with any tattoo, and will remain in place as long as desired. But if the owner later decides that the artwork has to go, it can be removed fully and safely with a single laser treatment.

I have no tatoos, but I'd get one if I could exchange all my other regrets. Otherwise I might just get the tatoo Radar O'Reilly got on that M*A*S*H episode when he thought a tatoo would impress his gal but Hawkeye and B.J. tried to talk him out of it because of the health risks. In the end he did get the tatoo... remember the "love dot?"

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