08 December 2006

Ordinary Ohioans Do Extraordinary Things

Ohio magazine has a nice article & slide show profiling some ordinary Ohioans who go the extra mile to help others. Nice read.


KatieG said...

completely off topic - why do the bengals keep getting arrested?

WestEnder said...


Seriously, I have no idea. But it's clear that something is beserk in the players' off-field culture. EIGHT players arrested is not a coincidence.

I wish we could dump some of these morons and pick up some free agents. The Bears' Lance Briggs and the Ravens' Adelius Thomas will be available, as will Cato June. And Asante Samuel from the Pats, too.

KatieG said...

strikes me as a coaching problem. i mean, you don't see any patriots getting arrested do you?

(god - they looked awful today, didn't they?? Joey Harrington looked like the heisman winner he was. Brady couldn't do anything.)

i like the bengals though - hopefully they can stay out of jail come playoff time...

Cato June is awesome - you know why? he was a Wolverine. ;-)

WestEnder said...

Marvin Lewis is a bad coach because the Patriots don't get arrested? I don't follow.

Unless you think part of a coach's job is to parent grown men off the field, then I don't see how one can fault him. Furthermore, given that off-field problems have not affected on-field performance I think one can make the opposite case: that he's a very good coach.

And yes, yes... all Wolverines are awesome, blah blah blah. I hope you meet a guy, fall in love, and find out he played football for Notre Dame.

KatieG said...

the points were not related, the patriots was an afterthought.

a coach should instill more discipline in his players and not put up with such nonsense. on or off the field.

notre dame i could deal with...ohio state, no. i've sampled a few of the other big ten options, and i'm quite happy with the current badger.

WestEnder said...

Unfortunately, the coach's hands are tied in that regard, essentially. Bengals regulations don't allow releasing a player for off-field behavior. He can take them out of games, but the team can't fire them.

If it were different I'm pretty sure Marvin Lewis would have gotten rid of Chris Henry a long time ago and the problem wouldn't have gotten this bad because players would have known that it would cost them their job. Right now they know they can screw up and keep their jobs.

But as I said before, I expect the Bengals will get their lawyers together in the offseason (if they haven't already) and try to change this rule.