05 December 2006

Serena Williams: Dangerous Criminal in the Making?

ESPN reports that a pit bull bit a security guard outside Serena's home in Florida.

Serena says the dog isn't hers. It is, however, registered to her. And it was in her home. Also, there are pictures of Serena with "her tan pit bull" on her website. But it's not hers.

Whatever. The important thing is that we acknowledge further evidence of her goofiness and potential menace to society.


KatieG said...

this story was a "breaking story" on the Detroit Free Press website last night about 1:00am. i meant to blog it - but got distracted while consuming the rest of the day's news i missed.

its funny because - why is it breaking news? and serena just isn't making as much "good news" as she used to is she?

WestEnder said...

Not for tennis, no. But maybe she is for her um, "designer" jewelry and clothing.