13 December 2006

Mike Brown Gets Call from NFL Warden-- er, Commissioner

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is trying to end the Cincinnati Bengals' continuing problems with the law.

The commissioner asked Brown if there was anything he could do but also sent the message that the Bengals had to adjust their actions...

"Obviously, when you have incidents that don't reflect well on the National Football League you have to deal with that aggressively," Goodell said Tuesday during an interview with The Associated Press. "Our players and coaches are seen at a higher level by the public."

Oy. What an embarrassment. But there is a bright side: at least we got rid of Bob Huggins so we only have one local team full of lawbreakers.


TravisG said...

Lewis can't cut players for this stuff, because it's against the union agreement, but I wonder if the league could withold things like prime-time games, etc., from undisciplined teams like the Bengals or the Chargers? They knew about some of the players' character issues when they drafted them.

ohdave said...

I think Deltha ONeal is getting a bum rap.

How many times have you driven with a .10? Until recently that was the legal limit. He broke the law, and he should face his punishment. But hey, he's not Ray Lewis. Let's get some perspective.