06 December 2006

Volleyball More Exciting than Usual for Muslims

Doha, Qatar just hosted the Asian Games. One of the sports was women's volleyball. I remind you that this is the sport where women wear nicotine patches and call them "bikinis".

Keep in mind, this is Doha. This would be like 3CDC putting up some stipper poles on the new Fountain Square.

Beach volleyball's penchant for bikinis has touched off a bit of a cultural clash in this conservative Muslim city, which by hosting the Asian Games, a regional sports extravaganza, is trying to bolster its bid to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to the Middle East.

"We don't see this a lot in Qatar," Al-Nabit said. "I think most people think it is outrageous. But we accept it because it is important for our country. We want others to see us as a generous and hospitable people, willing to accept their ways, even if we don't agree."

Al-Nabit said he was willing to force himself to watch the skimpily clad women play, but that he certainly wouldn't want his wife watching.

He was only there himself, he said, because it was a matter of national honor.


It's the same reason I force myself to go to the Brass Ass: national honor. What do YOU do to defend our freedoms?


Wes said...

Oh, man, I am SO using that one.

"And just where do you think YOU'RE going with all those $1 bills?"

"National honor, babycakes. Don't wait up."


Chuboo said...

Reminds me o da time.. wen India hosted Miss World and ther wer riots about the swim suit round... n it was gettin way outta hand!!

ohdave said...

Very cool piece... nice catch.

How about adding me to your blogroll by the way?

ohdave said...

Oh crap, I'm already there. Sorry. And thanks.