12 September 2013

I Salute JobsOhio for Yet Another Great Decision

JobsOhio, one the greatest examples of John Kasich's bold, visionary leadership, did the right thing in rejecting tax credits for Pure Romance, a "relationship enhancement" (i.e. satanic fornication) products company. I, for one, am very pleased that Cincinnati will not have its money supply tainted by the foul-fleshed fingers of fornicating female fluffers.

I have seen these women and I assure you, my friends, that they have no respect for the traditions and customs that made this country great. As my gentlemen colleagues will surely attest, many a fortnight may pass without notice of EVEN ONE properly petticoated young lady! While many may find today's "modern" woman to be fetching, even alluring, I must warn that succumbing to the charms of such women comes at a price, and that price is taking them seriously when it comes to other stuff.

I am proud that Governor John Kasich and JobsOhio are wise enough to understand that America already has both of the relationship enhancement products it needs: the Bible and Constitution. Sadly, America has abandoned the principles it was founded on and now seeks to replace God and Country with Lotion and Dildo. We would be wise to revisit the time when husbands and wives honored traditional family values by reading their favorite biblical and constitutional passages before quiet, efficient copulation intended for procreation. Fortunately, John Kasich and JobsOhio are doing everything they can to help us revisit that time, and I salute them with my biblio-constitutional erection.

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