09 February 2013

What Would Happen if Everyone Had a Gun Has Been Happening for At Least 138 Years

138 years ago, the June 23, 1874 Tri-Weekly Maysville Eagle newspaper (Maysville, KY) carried this report:

Clark County Democrat: “A friend of ours had quite an adventure with the fire-fiend a few days ago. He awoke about midnight, impressed with the notion that somebody was in the backyard. Getting his pistol, which lay loaded in the drawer, he cautiously reconnoitered through the window, and discovered what he took to be a man stooping over a coal of fire in the effort to produce a blaze, which he did not doubt was intended to be used in setting fire to his dwelling house.

Taking careful aim, he discharged his pistol and saw the fire fly, which was a fair shot on a dark night. Still the man kept his position. He tried another barrel, with the same result. Just as he was getting ready to shoot again his wife, who had heard the reports of the pistol, came running and asked what was the matter.

When he explained she looked out and laughed heartily. She had been having some soap made the day before, and the plucky incendiary, who had never moved, was the black kettle, which had not been put away. This it was, and nothing more.”


Mark said...

Whenever I hear the "arm teachers" argument, I think of all the flashdrives, books, and everything else that teachers lose every week. Schools would be six inches deep in lost guns.

WestEnder said...

And it's not just arming teachers... an Ohio school hired a retired cop a few weeks ago and even he misplaced his gun.

And anyone who thinks a minimally trained individual can correctly assess a situation, draw, aim, & fire with precision while under duress and do it all in less than a second (in the best of circumstances) is truly a gun nut, with the operative word being "nut."