17 December 2008

Okay, You Can Bring in Spring Now

I think I've had enough and it's only December. I'm okay with the cold; it's the short days and bad road conditions that beat me down. I hate getting home just in time to look out the window and watch the last rays of light evaporate. Maybe I'll get one of those full spectrum anti-Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps all the kids are talking twittering about (that's for you, K).

Or I can keep going to Margarita's for happy hour. I've heard bueno things about their signature drink and today the crew and I tried a few. They're all bueno. The tortilla chips are bueno. The salsa is bueno (tip: add some chili sauce). The queso is bueno (tip: add some chili sauce). Even Mexican TV is bueno, if watching hot latin women with big bouncy boobs losing food fights is your thing.

Mucho mas bueno: the bartender graciously thanked us for our patronage with a complementary shot of watermelon-flavored tequila. Yes, it was bueno.

I still want spring, but happy hours will do for now.


Kate The Great said...

What is this Twitter you speak of? :)

Did she have big boobs? I didn't notice...

Was a great time... Def have to do it again soon.

Your photo, I'm guessing? Stunning.

CityKin said...

Totally agree, winter should end Dec 31.

5chw4r7z said...

And you were there with the mucho bueno Kate the Great!
I can't believe she is selfish enough to deny us her greatness between Christmas and New years!

WestEnder said...

Seriously, the San Andreas fault is no place to hold a party.

re: photo. Yes, all my blog pics are mine. This rose was at St. Peter in Chains downtown.