02 April 2009

Thumbs Up for Parkside Cafe Gyro Sandwich

(Bad picture of good sandwich)

WHERE IT IS: 1026 E. McMillan St. in Walnut Hills, just past the Kroger.

WHAT I ATE: The regular gyro sandwich (they also have a chicken gyro), which comes with saratoga chips and a pickle spear.

HOW IT WAS: Very good. The meat is lamb/beef and is not too salty, which is a gyro risk (example: the gyro at the Diner on Elm-- under the previous owner-- was decent but so salty I felt thirsty for hours afterwards). The meat was tasty and didn't have any little "seeds" or "pebbles" that can accompany sub-standard gyro meat.

The gyro was topped with lettuce, red onion and sliced tomato in generous portions. The tzatziki was thick and creamy (in contrast to Sebastian's which is liquidy). I'm sure they use Greek yogurt which is 102% fat but definitely the way to go.

The chips were also good.

SERVICE: This deserves a special mention since I have been to Parkside three times and had three different servers. Each time I received friendly, courteous service with a smile. Either they all genuinely like working there or they are all on anti-depressants.

PRICE: With tax, $5.27

CONCLUSION: Gyro fans should explore the gyro at Parkside Cafe. Parking is convenient and free in their lot.

The building that watched me eat a gyro

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Laura said...

David and I agree, that building is super creepy.

LMJ said...

I've enjoyed the Parkside Cafe a few times. They are one of the few places that serve lunch during the "morning" hours and I find their latte's tasty too! Great pic of the building...I've never noticed it until now!

CityKin said...

I went once and didn't like it too much, but the price was right. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing.

liz said...

i approve of this post. more food blogs!

Kate The Great said...

I pass this place all the time when leaving work at the end of the day. Have always been curious. I've heard sketchy things (Shawn Mummert has a great story) but might be willing to go.

Champions Time Travel Baseball League said...

Good food, good service,lousy location, last couple of times we went there we had 3 solicitations for drugs or sex.

liberal foodie said...

went there when it first open. I got the turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes (their take on thanksgiving meal)- really good. Service was awesome too.

liberal foodie said...


Jeff said...

That is a fine looking gyro. Thanks for the tip, I'm going.

And maybe I'll drive down Victory Parkway while I'm in the neighborhood to flip off a former boss. Thank you for letting me share.

Anonymous said...

I work a block down the street and have been wondering about this joint since Frisch's closed. I'll check it out, thanks again!