15 April 2009

Cincinnati "Tea Party" Pictures

For your viewing pleasure, presented with a soupcon of snark (as is my wont, bi-otch):

Irrelevant sign for irrelevant event

Stimulus plan = killing babies?

Wait... what??

Public school students against public schooling

"If Smitherman & Finney can do it so can we!"

Funny sign, scary eyes

Jesus is our co-pilot and we call shotgun!

Note the sign on the left


liz said...

this is probably the first time in years most of these people have set foot downtown

Wes said...

And as soon as the all clear was sounded, they went scrambling back to Florence and West Chester as fast as their SUVs could take them.

If that group got any whiter it would be translucent.


lasallemom said...

Why do you care? What difference does if make where you think they may or may not live? If is not the event for you, so be it.
Are you saying that only white people are agaist over spending by the government??
What exactly IS your point?

Unknown said...

I assume that the reference to Texas went over your head…. Probably still does.

Kate The Great said...

It certainly looks like this protest drew as many whack jobs as any other good 'ol demonstration.

I definitely think a lot of these folks fail to see the big picture and that today's circumstances are the cause-and-effect result of years of mire in Washington.

That said, isn't it great that so many people were vocal about something they felt passionate about? Freedom of speech rocks - sez the retired journalist.

WestEnder said...

Yes, the Texas reference was over my head. Such recondite profundity expressed with such incisive pith. Truly impressive.

I would be grateful for an explanation as I am sure your knowledge of economics and history is as impressive as the sign.

Mark said...

Why can't liberals understand simple concepts?

The Texas reference means that because W is from Texas when he repeatedly spent over 700 billion, it was favorable in God's eyes. Anyone who speaks against God's wishes is a traitor and will surely burn in the lake of fire.

Obama is not from Texas and therefore is not beloved unto the Lord. When he spends 700 billion, God becomes full of wrath and Texas threatens another Civil War.

How much simpler does he have to say it?

VisuaLingual said...

Love the photos. I'm still reeling from the fact that I didn't manage to photograph the soccer mom with her "I am John Galt" sign. Darn!

CAJD said...

And these people came down town acting as if they had a pair. They were rude to our group. Which wasn't cool. We came in peace. We protested the protesters.

Can't we all just get alone,



Jimmy Zine said...

Scary times for this Mexican living in the 'Natti. That's all we need is a bunch of pissed off white people marching in their Crocs and making signs that want the president to buy an "American Dog" LMFAO! Wow! You know they all ran home to listen to Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh to see what their next orders are.

Here's some more scary news...


Norm De Plume said...

Hey, why'd you take out the bit about how you roll? I literally l'd ol.

Perhaps I dreamt the whole hilarious thing.

WestEnder said...

You mean the part about "as is my wont (bi-otch)?"

I decided it detracted from the air of respectability this blog is so well known for. But who am I kidding... I'll unchange it back.

Norm De Plume said...

Thanks. Always nice to see "soupcon," "wont," and "bi-otch" in the same sentence.

5chw4r7z said...

LMAO!! get an American dog, thats freakin awesome.

Kamal S. said...

The funny thing is this, most of these people never uttered a peep while Bush massively expanded the size of our government by orders of magnitude exceeding Clinton's.

Ah... but the taxes were going for a war. I see..

LBJ's tax and spend wartime adventures can't hold a candle up to Bush's, and lest anyone forget, Bush implemented the initial bailout to begin with.

Our government has been overspending, massively, for years. Decades. Where were these people previously.

As to where they live, it is relevant. People who live in the suburbs often have different interests than people who live inside of the city proper. Noticing this is an academic matter.

That all said, they had EVERY right to hold these protests, and EVERY right to voice their opinions. And some of the protester's points are quite valid from where I sit. They are not whack jobs, they are people with whom I profoundly disagree who nevertheless have real valid criticism of our government.