04 April 2009

Bubba on Board

Local cat's reaction:


k said...

lol. seriously. although i think i may buy that sticker for my grandpa. he has been trying since before i could vote to get me on board with rush's political stylings.

Wes said...

Wow. That looks like the kind of bumper sticker you'd see in Cherokee County down here.

(Cherokee County, GA is arguably the single biggest collection of right-wing slackjaws in the state, if not the region; we're talking Palin-esque levels of stupid. It's grossly unfair, because there are liberals/progressives/moderates/even conservatives who aren't complete slobbering morons up there, but they're grossly outnumbered by the Megachurch Sprawlburb Whiteflighters.)


WestEnder said...

But do they have a creation museum?

Mark said...

At Clermont College, a minivan sports the following bumper stickers: "Palin 2012," "O'fubar," and "Liberalism is a mental disorder."

You don't want to know the folk around Clermont too stupid to go to college.