06 April 2009

Arts Recommendation: Kennedy Heights Arts Center

I recently visited the Kennedy Heights Arts Center to see the exhibit "The Art of Healing." The Center's website describes it thusly:

This six-week show features the art of over fifty individuals dealing with grief, serious illness, disability, addiction and mental wellness.

Painting, fiber art, sculpture, collage and found object installations tell the stories of people who have used art to navigate some of life’s most difficult obstacles.

As far as I can determine, someone tracked down ordinary people (i.e. not artists) and asked them to express aspects of their circumstances through art. I found the exhibit impressive and moving. The artists are not professionals so there is none of the pseudointellectual facade that is too often par for the course. It's raw, sincere and honest. If that's what community arts centers are for then I'm all in. This is stuff you'd never see in a "big" art museum and I'm not sure why.

The exhibit runs until April 25. The center is easy to find (it's an old white mansion on the south side of Montgomery Rd). Parking is free in their lot.

A few examples from the exhibit:

Can't let go of a child's shirt

Putting the pieces back together; cracks remain


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