23 April 2009

More Food: Habits Cafe Ostrich Burger

WHERE IT IS: 3036 Madison Road in Oakley Square, north side of the street.

WHAT I ATE: The Ostrich burger, "Godzilla" style. This means it comes with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno mayo and-- this is the key thing-- onion straws.

HOW IT WAS: I've had it three times and it was very good all three times. If a burger with onion straws sounds good to you then this is a burger to try. And the leaner ostrich meat makes up for the extra fat of the fried onions (probably not but that's what I tell myself). But if you are like my friend Jamie who thinks ostrich meat is "just wrong" then you can always get a beef or turkey burger Godzilla style (FYI, she ordered a chicken sandwich and said it was very good).

At the first visit I got the mac & cheese side dish and it was okay, nothing great. The second time it was worse. The third time the server (who was my friend by now) steered me away from it based on another diner's unenthusiastic impression, so I got the cajun fries which were good (regular fries dusted with cajun seasoning). So the mac & cheese cannot be recommended at this point. Other side dish choices: pasta salad, red beans & rice, sweet potato fries.

SERVICE: Be nice to them and they'll be nice to you.

PRICE: The ostrich burger is 8.50. With soft drink and tax the final bill was 11.27.

CONCLUSION: Burger fans should (a) try ostrich, and (b) try it Godzilla style.

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Wes said...

Habits always was a favorite place during my years in Cincinnati. Glad to hear it's still up to snuff.


liz said...

great photos and an excellent review. i really think you have a future in full time food blogging.

WestEnder said...

I do like to eat and take photographs and blog. The only thing left that would make this perfect is being paid for it.

(Note to anyone who wants to pay me to snarf, snap and scribe: email me. No exorbitant offers refused)