25 April 2009

POTD: Theosophotography

Every time I pass this erstwhile church I always have the same two thoughts: the irony of the beautiful-because-it's-ugly nature of the building; and Marx's "opiate of the masses" line.

Karl meets Groucho


VisuaLingual said...

I read in an OTR history book that the store was part of the original design, in order to help fund the construction of the church. It's strange to me; I expected it to be a later addition, in the way lots of specialized structures are reused in surprising ways.

Radarman said...

The Hyde Park Baptist church did the same thing with its building, but it's so cleverly done that most shoppers on Michigan Avenue have no idea the church is connected.

The Race Street church is probably going to cave in before it can be saved, and it's too bad. It's a great building.