29 September 2006

Voter's Guide to Judicial Elections

Courtesy of the League of Women Voters, this page outlines the Hamilton County court system for voters.

Whether judges should be elected or appointed (or some combination of the two) is an issue I've thought about ever since my interest in government began in college. My college girlfriend (the most amazing person I've ever known, btw) went on to law school and we'd talk about judicial elections now and then. We never could figure out a definite answer.

I think it's one of the tougher issue out there to resolve. There are clear pros and cons both ways.

I'll be in beautiful Detroit for my cousin's wedding this weekend, so no posting until after the weekend. Go Bengals!


KatieG said...

"beautiful" and "detroit" don't belong together in the same sentence. i'm assuming the wedding is in one of the more "beautiful" "suburbs" of the motor city...

WestEnder said...

You assume correctly; technically, it was Dearborn.