05 September 2006

Cheez Whiz Report: WKRC

Below are the topics covered by WKRC on Tuesday evening. To repeat the questions in my last post, how many of these stories give you information that you consider important to your daily life? How many enhance your understanding or appreciation of our city and region?

13:05 of WKRC's news was taken up by commercials (43%). This compares favorably to the WCPO broadcast I profiled yesterday, which was 36% commercials.

Child hit by truck.
FBI works with local & state police to investigate local terror threats.
Man charged in hotel robbery.
Man sentenced for phone harassment.
Dad accused of hitting son who wouldn't stop crying.
Crocodile hunter did not provoke sting ray.
Comair co-pilot taken off life support, breathing on his own.
Chad Johnson book signing at 7 p.m.
Rumpke wants to expand landfill.
"Thomas the Tank Engine" returns.
Edgewood, KY seeks vendors for fall festival.
Katie Couric starts new job today.
Weather (3:20)
Hoxworth blood donors will get Reds tickets.
Work to widen 12th St. in Covington finally begins.
Children's Services reviewing Marcus Feisel case.


Anonymous said...

As long as you're torturing yourself with local tv news, you might want to analyze the application of the special "sad face" for sad news. The sad news sad face is always accompanied by a special drop in pitch to let us know that the news idiot is a sensitive news idiot. Then you might want to consider the effect of local news on suburban sensibilities with a concentration on the city center as an abbatoir.

WestEnder said...

"Torture" is definitely the right word. I'm just glad someone appreciates the pain involved.

You're right on target with the voice inflection gimmick. Jack Atherton of FOX19 is the most entertaining-- he doesn't just read the news, he feels it.