28 September 2006

Newspapers Suddenly Hushing Up About Iraq

Shhhh! Iraq is a failure. But don't tell the people... they might not vote Republican.

Number of front page articles about Iraq for the period Sept. 1 to Sept. 21 in major newspaper around the country:

The New York Times, 12
The Washington Post, 17
The Boston Globe, 0
The Charlotte Observer, 3
The Chicago Tribune, 5
The Columbus Dispatch, 4
The Hartford Courant, 0
The Houston Chronicle, 0
The Miami Herald, 6
The San Diego Union-Tribune, 0
The Seattle Times, 1
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 0
USA Today, 1

Hmmm... why the sudden loss of interest around election time?


Nemo Wolfe said...

Probably not a Republican conspiracy. The Boston Globe is owned by the New York Times. This is more of a reflection of the general loss of the sense of what constitutes a newspaper. We now have newspapers aping local television.

Mark said...

I hate to say this but I'd bet that editors assume that the public is more interested in the new NFL and Survivor seasons than Iraq.