21 September 2006

'Most Corrupt Members of Congress' List Released

Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington has released its 2006 list of Congress' most corrupt members.

Last year's list included such luminaries of ethical transgression as Randy "Nuke" Cunningham and Bob "Tee time" Ney. Unfortunately, they didn't make the list this year because they've both been indicted. Several other members on the list are also being investigated.

The 2006 list includes Senate leader Bill "cat shelter" Frist as well as party bigshots Rick "love cats, hate gays" Santorum and Roy "mini me" Blunt (a DeLay protege who, along with Boehner, was considered a top candidate to replace DeLay as majority leader).

The surprise? Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha is on the list. But he's probably insulated from attacks because most of the names on the list are Republicans (21 of 25). Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson types might try, but it will only confirm that no one cares what they say.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Ohio doesn't have anyone on the list.

WestEnder said...

Well, not anymore...

And let's not forget that this investigation only looked at federal-- not state-- legislatures.

There's plenty of corruption on Ohio's government. Local media chooses not to report it, but it's there.