06 September 2006

Gambling Lobby Continues to Deceive Public

Ohio Learn & Earn, the deceptively named front group for Ohio's gaming lobby, has a new TV commercial. The commercial is new, but the tactic is the same: lots of shots of precious kids and concerned parents. No mention of gambling or slot machines.

Click here to see the new commercial.

Click here to see the truthful OL&E site.


Anonymous said...

Correction: Please note that the commercial clearly states that the funding comes from slot machines. Here is part of the transcript:

Man: "The Ohio Learn and Earn college scholarship."
Woman: "By dedicating part of the revenue from limited and state-regulated slot machines ..."
Woman: "... we can give every child the opportunity ..."
Man: "... to earn college tuition."
Woman: "Almost a billion dollars a year."
Woman: "Without raising taxes."
Man: "And unlike the lottery ..."
Woman: "... funds are 100 percent dedicated by law."

Todd Hoffman
Ohio Learn and Earn

WestEnder said...

Thanks for the clarification. I saw the commercial this morning but I didn't catch any mention of slot machines.

It doesn't change the fact, of course, that the gaming lobby's entire scheme is based on deceptive marketing tactics.