02 October 2006

Bengals, Seahawks Get Taken to the Woodshed

I had a good time over the weekend in Detroit, celebrating the marriage of my Chicago-based cousin and his new wife. It was great to see my other cousins from all over the country-- NYC, Austin, St. Louis, and Atlanta. We talked, among many other things, about football and the Bengals. I mentioned that I wanted to get back to Cincy in time for the 4 p.m. game against the Pats.

Oh boy. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. What a spanking. And it didn't end when the game was over; sportwriter Greg Doyel even takes us fans to the woodshed. Ouch! But he has a point.

I won't say the Super Bowl is unreachable, but it doesn't look hopeful when you can't even compete against a top team. Problems were all over the place: the offensive line, the run coverage, the pass coverage. And that's just on the field.

But the Bears, now there's a team. After seeing them make a sack lunch of the Seahawks, I gotta believe this team is Super Bowl bound. Wow.


KatieG said...

the Patriots, and Brady, always find ways to win...and the better the team, the better they play....plus Maroney! How awesome is he?!

Mark said...

My wife was raised as a Patriot's fan but even she hates Brady.

Michael Tompkins said...

Never thought I'd agree with Greg Doyel, and this might be the first time since he said Matt Doherty should resign at UNC.

Cinci seemed to be doing it the right way last year and I became a fan. They hired the right guy to coach the team. They developed the talent with guys like Palmer and Chad. They kept classic Bengals on the offensive line. They eliminated the big names and big paychecks like Dillion to get more young talent. But this year, I don't see how anyone other than a hardnosed Bengal fan can pull for them.

KatieG said...

what?!?! How can anyone hate Tom Brady?!

Mark said...

According to my wife, he's the most arrogant jerk alive.

And the Patriots are her favorite team.

And due to her support of her second favorite team, the Bills, she refused to believe O.J. was guilty until three years ago (just out of the blue).

By deductive reasoning, Brady must be at least twice as evil as O.J.