19 September 2006

Willie Nelson Has the Best Pot

The Bad News: Willie Nelson busted for possession.
The Good News: He wasn't in Over-the-Rhine.

Police say they were making a routine inspection — and as soon as the door was open the strong stench of marijuana was unavoidable despite it being early in the morning.

Officers in Louisiana then say a search of the bus also found "magic mushrooms" as well as marijuana.

Nelson has not been shy of his drug use. Jackass star Johnny Knoxville recently recalled trying to keep up with the country music superstar — and failing.

The country legend gave him a token that left Knoxville feeling like "I was on [bleeping] acid. ... And I had to do interviews that day. I called him later to say, 'Thanks a lot, Willie. I was on [bleeping] Mars for six hours.' Nothing could have made him any happier."

In another interview, he said that Nelson's "s**t is a commitment. I honestly don't see how he functions - people pass out smoking that.

"He had a crew with him shooting a documentary, and one of the camera guys keeled over while filming."


Mark said...

I keep seeing Tommy Chong's book about getting busted for pot in the library. (The cops asked, "Do you have any marijuana," and he answered, "Of course, I'm Tommy Chong."

I'm glad there's no serious crime in this country so the police have time to hassle 70-year-old men about veggies.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked. Shocked.