19 September 2006

Bush : Clinton :: Poop : Pooper-scooper

The Clinton Global Initiative conference is going on this week in NYC.

In case you forgot: Clinton is one of the most highly rated Presidents ever and Bush is one of the lowest rated Presidents ever.

Started last year, the conference brings together government, business and nonprofit sectors to work on the global issues of poverty, religious and ethnic conflict, energy and climate change, and public health.

Participants are expected to make a specific commitment toward advancing the solutions to the problems identified during the conference. Last year's conference resulted in 300 commitments totaling about $2 billion. Organizers hope to match that this year.

Religious and ethnic conflict?
Energy and climate change?
Public health?

Typical left-wing leftiness from the far-left radical liberal agenda of the liberal left. What's next? Environmental protection? Starting school without a Christian mass? Saying the President can't speak in tongues during the State of the Union? When does the madness stop?

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