01 September 2006

Hello, I'm Ken Blackwell and I'm a Dumbaholic

Welcome, Ken! It's good to have you in the group.

The first step in your treatment is to stop saying things like this.

The next step is to understand why. We suggest starting with the links below. With a little practice, you'll soon see that the world of facts and reality is not so scary after all!

Mercury pollution can be a serious health threat, especially for children and pregnant women.
(You have women and children in Ohio, don't you, Mr. Blackwell?)

New Study Shows Impact of Mercury Pollution: $8.7 Billion Lost Annually Due to Poisoning in the Womb.
(You're concerned about the economic impact, aren't you, Mr. Blackwell?)

New Study Finds Upper-Income Fish Eaters Exposed to Dangerous Levels of Mercury.
(You know a person or two in the upper-income bracket, don't you, Mr. Blackwell?)

And while you're at it, you might also think about not saying any things like this, too.


Mark said...

I'm sure someone can come up with a more high-brow analogy but Blackwell reminds me of the episode of the Simpsons when Homer became Mr. Burn's "prank monkey," putting aside his dignity to do anything for money.

We'd better pray that the Cincinnati Zoo doesn't get a male panda.

Anonymous said...

Yes he's a monkey-boy. I saw the film documentary 'American Blackout' by GNN and now I'm convince he is a chocolate mouthpiece for the evil-doer Republicans in the world.