07 September 2006

Andy Roddick: Man on a Mission?

Damn, Andy Roddick looks good. He just steamrolled Hewitt in 2 hours. I can't remember the last time I saw him play this well.

Oh, actually I do remember... it was a year ago, when I wrote my fourth post:

In addition to superior athleticism, he’s got a strong head and fights every minute of the match. Coaches love athletes like that because it’s one of the things you really can’t teach. He’s a competitor in the best sense of the word and it’s been great for fans and the game.

My prediction is that at the end of 2005, Roddick will talk to some coaches and former players and run his situation by them. He will not accept that he must take a backseat to Federer, no matter how great Federer is. Roddick will be on a mission to be the world #1...

Did I say 2005? I meant 2006. This time, let's hope he doesn't part with coach Connors like he did with Brad Gilbert. Roddick's game took a dive immediately after he got rid of Gilbert. And it came back up immediately after he brought Connors on board. It's great to see him back on track.

Based on what I just saw, I gotta believe he'll beat Youzhny and get to the final (and hats off to Youzhny, by the way). My hope is that he'll play James Blake, who I still think has a good chance against Federer.


K. said...

i'll take Blake or Federer...they are two of my favorites...

WestEnder said...

Absolutely. I'm definitely looking forward to that match.

On the other hand, there's a small part of me that wants to see a Davydenko-Youzhny final, just for the absurdity factor.

(can you say "a dip in the ratings?")

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